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Piecing together a PDF pattern

I have gotten a few emails recently regarding piecing together a PDF pattern and while it’s not overly complicated it is definitely no walk in the park. So hopefully I can clear up some confusion and give some insight on this since all our patterns are PDF and I really want every one to be able to use them. The next thing I am going to type is the most critical part, so make sure you remember…

For the love of everything, make sure your scale is 100% before printing!
Before you print out dozens of sheets of paper to discover the scale is wrong (I HATE wasting trees) make sure on the print settings the scale is set to 100% as many printers auto scale to around 80% or merely fit to scale and neither of these are correct. Not printing to scale means your pattern will be too small overall.

Let the piecing begin
After you print out your sheets, measure the test square on the first page of the pattern itself and make sure it is correct. If its not, it means you have a scaling issue and you should see the point above. If it is correct, whew you’re good to go! Proceed to cut out each rectangle individually and then line up your pieces.

Each pattern instruction has a small scale picture of what the pattern should look like when pieced if you have problems (see below example). The colored dots all match together along with the numbers. Once everything matches, tape it together.

Find your size, then proceed to cut it out. I make each size have a different ‘line’ in the pattern to make it easier. That’s it! You’re ready to sew.

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Don’t worry, everyone needs to get help at some time or another. Email me at to submit your question.
I try to respond within a few hours, so just hold tight. You can also take a look below at our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a digital pattern? Do I need a special printer?

It is a sewing pattern that comes in PDF format, which you print out on your home computer and then assemble.
Any printer that can print with A4 or US letter size paper can print our patterns.

Do you sell paper patterns?

Currently no, but we are working on having our patterns in paper format. Check back soon!

How do I access my patterns after I have checked out?

After you have finished checking out, go to your account and all your patterns will be available under the downloads section.

Can I get help with the instructions?

Of course! We love to help. Email us at

Can I sell things made with Spit Up & Stilettos brand patterns?

Yep, we don’t care. If you could give us a shout out that would be wonderful but its not needed.
Did you know we are one of the few pattern companies that will allow you to sell things made with our patterns?

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by emailing and requesting that your account be deleted. Make sure to include your email/username that you used during registration in the email. Keep in mind you will no longer be able to access patterns once your account has been deleted.

Where are my pattern downloads?

One of the great things about the site is that everything is automated and patterns are available immediately in your account under available downloads.