We are a kids pattern company that focuses on easy to sew kidswear in wovens and knits.

A bit about me

My name is Lauren and I am the brain behind Sadi & Sam but before I go into my about me spiel I must first off say thank you SO much! Seriously, without you my job wouldn’t exist. I started selling kids clothing patterns as a way to diversify my skill set and have a job where I could literally do everything I love. Which if your wondering encompasses designing, pattern-making, grading, sewing, selling and web design so by purchasing this pattern you have helped me out tremendously. Okay, heres my spiel…

I started sewing when I was 15 and decided I wanted to make my own figure skating dresses as most out there were pretty darn gaudy and way expensive. I did this for a few years until I hung up my skates and decided it was time to go to college. This is when I decided sewing was what I wanted to do career wise and ended up with a Bachelors in Apparel Design. Luckily, this has panned out as the Portland, OR area (my hometown) is a hotbed for small businesses.

After I graduated I pursued Sadi & Sam full time and it has grown into what you see today. I really hope you enjoy the patterns as I put a lot of love and thought into each one. My goal is to make sewing fun and easy, so if it is anything but please let me know. You can contact me anytime!


Lauren Elbert